Make the first move

After receiving your interest in our organization, we plan our first interaction. Our team member will have a detailed conversation with you to understand your aspirations and requirements.

Linking Pin

We will decide a centre point of contact from both the sides. One of our team members will be assigned to you, who stays in touch with you throughout the project. For all the data procurement and information sharing, the assigned member will be responsible.

Initial Design

We will provide you with the design of your tentative home page and an inner page. This design can be modified if you feel so. After finalizing the home page and the design elements, we start implementing the design on all the related pages.


The design layout is converted into a website using the best techniques and content management systems.

Final Review

After creating the final version, we share the output with you. Your team can take a final review of all the content, pictures and other information. Final changes can be done at this stage before making the website live on the web.


The website is made live on the web after your approval. As in aside, if it’s a part of the contract, we start working on the marketing, promotion and tracking your site on the search engines.