Quality Assurance

quality-assuranceQuality Assurance is a planned and systematic means for assuring management that the defined standards, practices, procedures, and methods of the process are applied.The most effective way to manage quality cost is to prevent defects at the early stages of Project Life Cycle (PLC). As a universal known fact, it is always less expensive to detect & fix the defect at an earlier stage than fixing it once it has occurred in the production.

Big Systems enables their customers to have a robust quality system by providing Quality Assurance Services to all types of projects (Development, Enhancement, Maintenance, Testing and Production Support).

We help the customers to:

  • Enable projects to detect defects early in the project lifecycle
  • Establish a Defect Tracking System
  • Establish Quality Gate (QG) framework
  • Establish Defect Prevention Methods
  • Enable Process Improvement initiatives
  • Improve the Quality of Deliverables